rainbow chard smoothies

rainbow chard smoothies

At Hop N Hen Farm we have a beautiful crop of rainbow chard this year.  I’m always asking my customers for their favorite chard recipes.  Yesterday, three customers mentioned chard smoothies.  I was a bit skeptical, but then I remembered all those kale smoothie, and I got inspired.

The first recipe is for a Black and Blue Swiss Chard Smoothie by Tess Masters.  Find it on her website TheBlenderGirl.com.  It includes a “touch of ginger”.

Here’s a delicious Swiss Chard Smoothie by Carrie Forrest at CleanEatingKitchen.com.  It includes a dollop of nut butter (almond? peanut?) and gobs of frozen fruit.

This last recipe sounds very refreshing Chard, Lime, and Mint Smoothie by Selma Brown Morrow from VegetarianTimes.com (It was yummy!)

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