organic certification

organic certification

the farm's organic egg label

Last autumn we achieved a major farm goal with the organic certification for our poultry and eggs.

This is a very exciting step for our farm. This ensures our customers, that all the food from our farm is now raised and processed organically.

 However, right in the middle of our certification process, the NH Dept. of Agr., Mkts., & Food decided they would no longer certify livestock or other agricultural product producers (salsa, eggs, bread, sauerkraut, skin care, yarn, meat processing, etc…)  We may have been the last livestock farm and processor they certified.

 Therefore this winter we had to hustle quickly to find a new certifying agency, and again apply for organic certification for our farm. The work continues…

logo for the Real Organic Project

 Last autumn we also received certification from The Real Organic Project. These are farmers who believe that food should be grown in the soil and animals should be allowed access to fresh air and pasture; and that hydroponic growing and concentrated animal feed operations (CAFO) should not be permitted organic practices.  For more information: Real Organic Project